Volière Électrique


La Huppe (2011) 10’ — Terri Hron/Robert Normandeau

Beads of Time Sounding (2016) 30’ — Terri Hron/Hildegard Westerkamp

Lepidoptera (2015) 40’ — Monty Adkins/Terri Hron

Terri Hron, recorders and electronics

I have been collaborating with composers on the creation of new works since 2006. Over two Bird on a Wire editions – absorb the current, where the commissioned composers wrote pieces with “real-time” electronics, and flocking patterns, where they wrote pieces with 8-channel electronics – I sought an increasing role in determining the shape and sound of the works I was playing. Volière Électrique is the natural extension, presenting three works I have co-composed with composers with whose practice I feel a particular affinity.

La Huppe was Robert Normandeau’s contribution to flocking patterns. For this new programme, we have created a more refined stereo version. The piece makes creative use of envelope following to shadow my recorder sound with a flock of birds within a frozen landscape.

For the première on the programme, Hildegard Westerkamp and I are creating sonic beads that I will string together in performance with my live sound. Each bead uses recordings of me improvising near Hildegard’s childhood home in Germany.

Lepidoptera is a five-part work exploring the sonic connections of a consort of recorders that I play. While interconnected in sound, these parts also share strategies for organizing and transforming these sounds, which Monty Adkins and I developed over the course of several periods of creation, production and performance.

Volière Électrique brings flying creatures together in a performance around the recorded, processed and augmented recorder: La Huppe tells the story of The Conference of the Birds; the recordings that Hildegard Westerkamp and I use feature a dawn chorus in the Osnabrück countryside; and the five parts of Lepidoptera are each named for a different family of flying insects.