Here are some of my other/older more “fixed” compositions (as opposed to improvised structures that do not have definite scores yet). Please contact me if you wish to see a copy of the score. The audio files are often excerpts.

Maly velky Svet sketches (2010-12) piano six hands and electronics (Stereo) – Luciane Cardassi, Rosabel Choi and Katherine Dowling. From the sketch version with small ensemble:

i. Tanecni

ii. Lupici

iii. Vzpominame


Epiclastic (2011) Fixed media (Stereo)


Pták Ohnivák (2010) Fixed media (Stereo)


undressing a past (2010) for prepared piano and electronics. Written for Luciane Cardassi.


swaying at the end of a night

a leaf in the sun’s shadow

strange bells finely forged



O Rosa Bella (2008) for prepared piano, saxophone and prepared bass. Written for Rosabel Choi, Adam Kinner (aka Kinny K Blaze) and Jake Leckie.


Hans Variations (2006) for recorder, (trumpet), percussion & electronics. The following is the first of three variations, entitled Clover. Written for Rara Avis


Birds? (2005) for recorder, percussion and electronics. The following is an excerpt from the piece. Written for Rara Avis