about Terri

Terri Hron performs and creates music. Bird on a Wire is her solo performance project. In absorb the current (2008) and flocking patterns (2011), she presented 14 new pieces for recorder and electronics that she commissioned from other composers. Now, for NESTING (2017), she is working with three choreographers to create a performance using movement, sound and video.

As Beta Lyræ, Terri and Cléo Palacio-Quintin network their own and others’ music into performances and publications on augmented flutes, including Nébuleuses. With Sam Davidson (music) and Michael Markowsky (visuals), Terri organises multi-media Spacemelt shows with numerous guest performers. She is herself a guest or soloist sometimes, playing historic as well as contemporary music.

Terri also composes music for and in collaboration with other performers. Projects in recent years include Sharp Splinter, a set of pieces for instrumentalists and electronics based on the archive of correspondence, audio and film that her family collected during the Cold War, and BitterSweet, a choral work with electronics, that highlights a recording of her grandfather, the Czech author Jan Vladislav, reading his poetry. This past year Terri Wrote new works for Ensemble Wapiti, Camille Hesketh, the Wesleyan Orchestra and the Toneburst Laptop Ensemble.

Other recent project include: Portrait Collection, a performance installation where Terri electroacoustically curated a group of musicians with a rich experience of interpretation, improvisation and composition. In solo and group sessions, she studied their sounds and words, creating scores and samples from each session to remix in future ones, thus investigating the relationship and perception of time and space in this hybrid performance and installation work. Lépidoptères, an album of collaborative works with Monty Adkins for Terri’s consort of renaissance recorder. And Beads of Time Sounding, created with Hildegard Westerkamp using recordings of Terri improvising in the natural landscape of Hildegard’s childhood.

Terri studied musicology and art history at the University of Alberta, recorder performance and contemporary music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and electroacoustic composition at the Université de Montréal. She just finished a postdoctoral fellowship at Wesleyan University. She investigates collaborative practices in the creation of electroacoustic music and the changes in temporal and spatial perception that accompany performing alongside digital media. She has been the thankful recipient of a number of artist residencies (The Banff Centre, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, NoTAM, STEIM), awards (Musica Nova), grants (Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec) and scholarships (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Fonds de Recherche Société Culture du Québec).

CV T Hron 2017