NESTING is the third edition of Bird on a Wire, Terri Hron’s solo performance project in which she collaborates with other artists on the creation of new works for recorders and recorded media. absorb the current explored the meaning of “real-time” electronics with new works by composers Jim Altieri, Ronald Boersen, Juan Parra Cancino, Peter Hannan, and Peter Swendsen. Flocking Patterns took on immersive environments in new 8-channel works by Daniel Blake, Jorrit Dijkstra, Jenny Olivia Johnson, Emilie LeBel, Paula Matthusen, Darren Miller, Robert Normandeau, and Elliot Sharp. Now with NESTING, Terri Hron is creating the music for choreographies by Lina Cruz, Hannahbeth Fischer and Adam Kinner.

NESTING grew from a series of workshops in 2013 and 2014 that culminated in audio and video recordings of performances at Lac Trois Saumons in Quebec and Mae Kampong in Thailand. During these workshops, Terri worked with Philip Fortin (camera), Hannahbeth Fischer (dance), Marie-Eve LaFlamme (costume & accessories), and Catherine Thompson (music & costume) to create sketches for a multimedia stage work. Terri then edited and organized the material into three interconnected sections, each to be developed further and given a specific identity by the choreographers.

The inspiration for NESTING comes from Terri’s stewardship of a small forest on Ile Audet on Lac Trois Saumons in Quebec. In an effort to improve the health and accessibility of this forest, she began clearing brush and branches, using this refuse to create large-scale structures within the forest. Many of these are nests, spaces for myths of relationship to forest life and its ecology.



WORK (choreography: Adam Kinner)
DREAM (choreography: Hannahbeth Fischer)
BUILD (Hannahbeth Fischer, Terri Hron, Catherine Thompson)
NEST (choreography: Lina Cruz)

directed, composed and performed by Terri Hron

total time: 52 minutes

The video below is made up of workshop footage. Some of that footage became the video projected on a screen behind Terri. Here you often see that projected video on one side, and what Terri will be performing live on the other. A first staging of the complete work is coming July 2017.