The Electric Edge

“Among bird fanciers the word record is used to signify the first essays of a bird in singing.

Sir John Hawkins, in A General History of the Science and Practice of Music, 1776

“Any set of transmitted electrical impulses received as a sound or image, e.g. via wires; the message conveyed by them.”

Wikipedia, Definition of: Signal, 2006

Signal-based processing. Interactive improvisation environments. Real-time image to audio synthesizers. Recorder player Terri Hron walks the tightrope of new developments in computer-assisted composition and improvisation.
During the course of two years, Terri is experimenting with 7 composers to put together a programme of works which drops the recorder into different corners of the ever-growing realm of electroacoustic music. She is intensely fascinated by the variable degree of interactivity between musician and machine and by the direction of the signal: who is controlling who?
Each composer is providing Terri with a different challenge and approach. These are being rounded out by three new pieces by Terri herself, which will not only integrate new ideas growing from the collaborations, but also highlight her instrument’s historical connection with birds.

Terri is grateful for the financial support she has received from the following: