In composing Beast Calls: Pseudacris Crucifer Crucifer for Ronelle Schaufele and Luciane Cardassi, I was experimenting with a process in which I created an acousmatic sketch, using recordings of the natural world (and transformations of them), that I then “orchestrated” for the duo. The result was so satisfying that I immediately began imagining a whole set of pieces based on recordings of creatures for the duo. I also realised that I could use the same process to create “imagined” sounds for creatures who do not have voices we can hear – seahorses and mantises, for example. It is very exciting for me to have a new outlet for using my field recordings in composing for acoustic instruments.

Beast Calls will be an evolving and growing set of miniatures for viola and piano.

Here is a recording of Beast Calls: Pseudacris Crucifer Crucifer, performed by Ronelle Schaufele and Luciane Cardassi.


Recorded at the Banff Centre in November 2012.